Journey Ends

The Spring 2017 semester is ending and it’s time to say goodbye for msmiley blog and all my blog readers. It is a really good experience to keep updating my blog every week. And I feel surprised that I can find so many interesting things about coffee and tea. This journey is a great learning experience about coffee and tea for both you and me.

I am graduating from Purdue University very soon and I am going to go to Boston University to study Public Relations. For those of you who are graduating from Purdue, I hope you can get a lot and achieve a lot from these four college years. For those of you who are continuing to study at Purdue, I hope you can cherish the last time and enjoy your college life.

Although my blog will not be updated, my love for coffee and tea will not be ended. If you would like to share some interesting facts about coffee and tea, please contact me via “contact” tab.

Please continue to love coffee and tea because it is such a wonderful drink in your and my life.

i love coffee


Preview: Upcoming Coffee Events During the Summer

Summer is coming! What would you do during the summer? I will take my parents to travel in California and then, I will go back to China to enjoy my summer holiday. Today, I am going to preview some coffee events during the summer. If you are interested in one of these events, you can go to the events in order to make your holiday more interesting.

Painting with Coffee & Coffee Tasting

Description (credit to Eventbrite): Guests will receive coffee paint and the supplies needed to create a robust work of art. You can enjoy coffee while creating your arts. This morning coffee painting class and tasting will involve learning about cold brew and pour over techniques, and how to brew them without a coffee or espresso machine.

Date & Time: Sat, May 20, 2017. 10:00 AM -12:00 PM CDT

Location: Wicker Park, Bru Chicago, 1562 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Tickets: $20 – $49

Coffee 101: History, Selection & Brewing Perfection

Description (credit to Eventbrite): This class will include an interactive lecture. It will also include interaction with the coffee and can include hands-on-training. You can also enjoy some incredible, non-toxic aromas and flavors ranging from grapefruit to blueberry and coca nibs to toffee.

Date & Time:  Thu, May 25, 2017. 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM CDT

Location: Ipsento Coffee House, 2035 N Western, Chicago, IL 60647

Tickets: $0 – $80

If you are not interested in going to events, you can spend some time to visit special coffee or tea houses that I have introduced in my previous blog posts, including Star City $ Ale House, Nine Lives Cat Cafe, Latea, and so forth. You may find some new places that you want to meet and talk with your friends, read books and watch movies, or simply taste their signature drinks.

In addition, you can learn how to make coffee at home. Select a good espresso or coffee machine, choose your favorite ground coffee, and make yourself a cup of coffee. I believe your home-made coffee will make your day.

A Wonderful Combination of Cats and Cafe

Do you remember one of my previous blog post named Meet Nine Lives Cat Cafe? When I was writing that post, I just did some researches about Nine Lives Cat Cafe instead of visiting the place in person. But this time, I spent a sunny afternoon for visiting Nine Lives Cat Cafe and feeling the special atmosphere of cats and cafe. For me, a cat lover and a coffee lover, this new style lets me feel enjoyable and relaxed.

After I went inside the cat cafe, I quickly checked in with the staff because I wanted to see these lovely cats as soon as possible. Their cats were in a separate room. And everyone would use the sanitizer to clean hands before they went into the cat room. Then, I found that there were 5 to 6 different kinds of cats playing with customers, relaxing in their small beds, or eating. I began to take pictures of how they lived in this special home and how they interacted with customers. The staff who was responsible for taking care of cats and customers’ safety also talked about adoptions when I was in the cat room.

Everyone could only stay in the cat room for one hour. After one hour, you could choose to stay in the table area or leave. When you sit outside the cat room, you could also watch them through the glass wall. I did a short interview with the manager of Nine Lives Cat Cafe after I went outside the cat room. She talked about more details about this cafe, including where the cats came from, information about coffee and bakery, and their general future plans.

In addition, I did another interview with one of my friends named Linyao, who went to this cat cafe with me. During the interview, she talked about how staying with cats bring her happiness.

In order to record this experience, I made a slideshow for this short visit. You can see pictures of cats and cafe environment from my slideshow. And you can also find more information from what the manager, staff, and Linyao said during the slideshow.

10 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

Are you a real coffee lover? To me, a real coffee lover should not only love drinking coffee, but also know different kinds of knowledge about coffee. Today, I find 6 things that are really interesting and worthy of learning. I am going to briefly talk about these ten facts in today’s post.

148693788117810Originally, coffee was eaten.

African tribes mixed coffee berries with fat, which formed edible energy balls! Even today, some people make round-shape cookies or cakes by using ground coffee. The effect of eating these coffee cookies and cakes is similar with drinking cups of coffee: giving you energy.

148693788117810Dancing Goats

Ethiopian shepherds first noticed the effects of caffeine when they saw their goats appearing to become frisky and “dance” after eating coffee berries.

dancing goats

148693788117810Islam Contributed A Lot to Coffee

The rise of Islam contributed greatly to the popularity of coffee. The religion prohibited drinking alcohol, but coffee was considered an acceptable drink. So more and more people began to drink coffee in Islam countries. And they also brought this custom to other areas around the world.

148693788117810George Washington Invented Instant Coffee

But the previous American president George Washington would say no. Because it was a Belgian man who was living in Guatemala inventing it in 1906. He used the name of George Washington when publishing his instant coffee.

no coffee drinking148693788117810The King of England Banned Coffee Houses

In 1675, the King of England banned coffee houses because he claimed that coffee houses were places where people met to conspire against him.





148693788117810Coffee Grows On Trees

In fact, coffee trees can grow to be up to 30 feet tall, but are cultivated to be around 10 feet tall. The only reason is that 10-feet-tall trees are easy for human to pick.

A coffee grower picks coffee fruits in a plantation near Montenegro

Before I did researches for this blog post, I have never heard about these interesting facts about coffee. After learning about these 6 things, I would say I am more like a real coffee lover.

What to Read for Coffee & Tea?

If you are a extreme coffee or tea lover, you may want to read about what are happening about tea and coffee around the world. And you may want to know events that are related to them in your local community. Today, I am going to take you to explore where I am reading about coffee and tea news on the Internet.

tea&coffee trade journal logo

This website is called “Tea & Coffee Trade Journal”. According to their official website, “Tea & Coffee Trade Journal has been reporting on the global coffee and tea industries from origin through the supply chain – “seed to cup” – since it was founded by William H Ukers in 1901″. From May 2016, it is under new ownership, which is the UK-based Bell Publishing Ltd. “It has acquired both the magazine and Tea & Coffee World Cup exhibition, launching a brand new website, new weekly e-newsletter, a makeover for the magazine, more engagement in social media, and improved global circulation and distribution”, said by their official website. Personally speaking, their credibility about coffee and tea news are relatively high. So I’d like to read it when I want to know about coffee and tea.

It has several tabs on the top of the website, including “magazine”, “news”, “editor’s blog”, “features”, “events”, “advertise”, “subscribe” and “ukers”.


For me, I usually use the “news” and “events” tabs. Since I can’t travel to everywhere, I would like to read about news around the world in order to see what are happening about coffee and tea. Sometimes I may find a new product on the website, then I would do more searches about whether I can get it in my local community. Sometimes, editors may follow a big event, such as the UK Coffee Week. I can feel the atmosphere from their reports. news

From the “events” tab, I can have a exact time schedule, specific locations of events, and corresponding websites. Through these websites’ links, I can get more information about interesting events in order to arrange my own schedule.


This is one of my favorite websites about coffee and tea. Hope you can have fun when exploring Tea & Coffee Trade Journal.

Celebrate Easter with Coffee

Today is Easter Sunday. What did you do to prepare for celebrating Easter? Let’s see what coffee lovers do for Easter.

Crack An Egg into Coffee

egg cafe

According to the restaurant critic Joy Summers’ lovely Easter essay, this combination of coffee and eggs is a Minnesota culinary tradition, invented by Scandinavian immigrants. Summers grew up drinking egg coffee prepared by her grandmother, whose method was beating an egg, mixing it into dry coffee grounds, boiling the mixture in  a stove-top coffee post, letting it steep, pouring into a cup of cold water, letting it settle, and serving. When describing the taste, Summer said, “the texture in the mouth was luscious, giving the coffee a round richness”.

This is my first time hearing about egg coffee. After I read Summers’ description, I made myself a cup of egg coffee. Although it was better than I imagined before, I couldn’t get used to this new and special taste. If you are curious about this taste, I recommend to make a cup of egg coffee to yourself.

Irish Cafe Serves Coffee inside Easter Eggs

There is a new trend for drinking coffee. Some barista pour coffee into the chocolate eggs. The new combination will be tasted like a chocolate coffee (similar with Mocha). After drinking it, you can also eat this “chocolate cup”.

Since most supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart, Payless, and Target, are selling Easter chocolate eggs around Greater Lafayette, you can simply pour your home-made coffee into these eggs. Then you can have your special Easter coffee by yourself.

Easter Coffee Mugs

Here comes the easiest way to celebrate Easter with coffee: buy some lovely Easter coffee mugs.

These lovely Easter mugs can help you decorate your home when celebrating Easter. Also, it is easy to get these mugs by going to Wal-Mart, Payless, Target and some other supermarkets in Greater Lafayette.

Hope you can have a great Easter weekend!

PSG Coffee Wednesday

When you don’t have time to have breakfast, would you hope that someone can give you free donuts and a cup of coffee? Purdue Student Government is holding a Coffee Wednesday event once a month.

PSG Coffee Wednesday is a monthly event, which is held in Krach Leadership Center, Purdue University. They will give students who pass by or study in Krach free donuts and coffee.

April 5th was their last time for the event this semester, I did a short interview with one of the organizers about why they hold this event. The audio below is his answer.

This PSG member also explained about why they held this event in Krach Leadership Center. Since their office is on the second floor of Krach, it is more convenient for them to set up a place for this event. In addition, lots of students will choose Krach as their study places or group meeting places. So Krach is a good place for PSG to meet more students.

Although April 5th is their last event this semester. They will continue to hold PSG Coffee Wednesday on September. If you are interested in Purdue Student Government or if you are interested in their free coffee and donuts, I recommend you to go pass by Krach Leadership Center when you go back to Purdue.

Afternoon Tea & Fashion Show

Last Saturday afternoon, there was a special event happening in John Purdue Room of Marriot Hall. This event was a combination of afternoon tea and fashion show, which was held by Noir Et Rouge and National Society of Minorities in Hospitality.

Since Noir Et Rouge is a new clothing store at Purdue, which was opened by some Chinese students, they would like to use the style of afternoon tea to let more people know about their new clothes. At the same time, customers can enjoy the best service, black tea, and all kinds of desserts.

Let’s check the video to see more details during the event.

Let’s Meet A Special Ice Cream from China

Wuyutai Tea is a famous tea company in China, which was founded in 1887 in Anhui Province. Right now, it has more than 160 tea stores in China with the main business of selling tea and tea sets. Chinese, especially older generation, would like to buy tea as their daily drinks or gifts for friends.

However, the manager of Wuyutai Tea Company found that their sales of tea were decreasing. Since more and more young people would like to choose coffee, milk tea, or other beverage, fewer and fewer people would go to a traditional tea store to buy tea or tea sets.

In order to recover their sales situation and attract younger generation to buy their products, Wuyutai Tea Company invented a combination of green tea and ice cream. They firstly grounded the green tea, and mixed them with milk. Then they will make the combined “tea milk” into the cream. The new products not only have the taste of ice cream, but also the flavor of green tea. And they only sell these ice cream in Beijing.



This new tea ice cream successfully attracted a lot of younger customers in China. Many people from other cities or even foreign countries would set Wuyutai tea’s ice cream store as their “must go” place.


Unfortunately I didn’t find a similar ice cream store in Great Lafayette. But next time, if you plan to visit Beijing, and you are interested in this tea ice cream, Wuyutai tea store would be your best choice.

Evolution of Starbucks’ Logo

Many of you drink Starbucks coffee in daily life, but I bet only few of you know the history of Starbucks’ logo. Starbucks coffee has become the biggest coffee company in the world. Its logo of green mermaid has also become the most unique and recognizable symbol in cities. In fact, today’s green mermaid is not the first version of Starbucks’ logo.

In 1971, after the three founders of Starbucks made sure of their company’s name, which was related to adventures on the sea, one of the founders named Terry Heckle began to study ancient books and he finally found a wood block of Melusine, which was drawn in Scandinavia in the 16 century. Terry was inspired by this picture, the first version of Starbucks’ logo came to the world.

 starbucks-old-logoIn this logo, the Melusine exposed her breasts and  two tails. The designer used coffee brown as this logo’s main color because the Melusin was drawn on a piece of wood and the brown color is related to coffee beans. Around the Melusin, there are “STARBUCKS”, “COFFEE”, “TEA”, AND “SPICES”, which demonstrate the company’s name and their main products.

Later in 1987, the logo was changed prodigiously. Melusin’e long and curly hair hid her breasts, which was more implicit. In 1992, the designers got rid of a part of her tails. The lines of the Melusine’s picture are smoother. One of the authors named Xiao Xiong who wrote about the changes of Starbucks logo said, “They made these changes because some customers said that the exposed breasts had some sexy factors and her two tails made them feel uncomfortable”. Now, the Melusine is more beautiful and graceful, which makes people feel more appreciative, comfortable, and remarkable. Also, the English words are only “STARBUCKS” and “COFFEE”, which emphasize their main product, coffee.

Another big change is the background color of Starbucks’ logo. It has been changed into green. There are two reasons. Firstly, most greens, connect closely to nature, since green is the color of growing plants. By associating Starbucks with the coffee growing region of the world, the green logo makes an implicit argument about the quality of the coffee itself. Secondly, the green also associates with Seattle and the Puget Sound region of Washington State. Because the only rainforest in the continental U.S. is across the sound from Seattle, and Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle. So they chose green as its main color till now.

Today’s logo was designed in 2011. The designer deleted all of the words around the Melusine. And the only color is green. This symbol is the most successful one because people can remember and recognize it easily. In my opinion, they have no starbucks-logoneed to use English words or any other symbolic words. Most modern people would understand its meaning whatever languages they use because Starbucks has achieve the goal of being popular all over the world. At the same time, it diminishes the gaps between people who come from different countries.