Journey Starts

Coffee-lover, tea-lover, both of them can describe who I am. If you have a free afternoon, what would you do? My answer would be drinking a cup of coffee or tea with friends; watching videos about how to make coffee or tea; searching for recently opened coffee house around me. I am a college students whose four college years are accompanied by coffee and tea. Although my academic life is relatively stressful, coffee and tea helped me overcome those difficulties. I hope you also can have a great time when drinking coffee and tea in your daily life.

In this blog, I plan to introduce ingredients of each kind of coffee and tea; put some interesting stories and local events in coffee house in Greater Lafayette; explain making process of some popular drinks; illustrate healthy and unhealthy ways of consuming coffee and tea; and write about some other things that you may be interested in. I hope you can gain some knowledge for your life and find something fun that you never know about coffee and tea before you read my blog.

Although I am the author of this blog, I will learn about coffee and tea with my readers together. So come back soon and take the journey with me in the following days.