Different Countries, Different Cultures, Different Cups of Tea

Tea is a world-wide drink, just like coffee. Since tea travels around the world for a long time, it has been changed into different forms based on different cultures in order to adapt to local customs. I am going to introduce some famous tea in the world to you.

Chinese Pu-erh Tea

pu-erh-teaThere are lots of famous tea originating in China. But today I only introduce Pu-erh tea to you. Pu-erh tea is a variety of fermented tea, which is produced in Yunan province, China, and named after Pu’er city. It is mainly divided into two categories: sheng (raw) and shou (cooked). Since the tea is fermented, the flavor of Pu-erh is rich and earthy without bitterness.

British Black Tea

British black tea can be served on its own or with milk and/or sugar. People may take it several times a day. For example, they can have a cup of tea with bread and egg in the morning, and in the afternoon they will take afternoon tea with cakes or other desserts. In the early history, only nobilities can consume these black tea. But nowadays, most people could afford and enjoy it.

Japanese Matcha Tea

matcha-teaMatcha is a powdered green tea, which is produced by finely ground and high-quality green tea leaves. Workers only pick the best buds, and depending on whether the leaves are rolled out flat before drying or whether they are laid out to dry will result in two different green teas. If the leaves that are laid out to dry become Tencha, which is the leaf used for making matcha. Once the leaf is de-veined, de-stemmed, and stone-ground it becomes the fine powder known as matcha.

American Sweet Iced Tea


There are two traditional tea in the United States, iced tea and sweet tea. The only difference between them is sugar. In 1795, South Carolina is the first place in the United States where tea was grown. And it is the only state to ever have produced tea commercially. Now, both sweet tea and iced tea is distributed around the United States. People will drink it not only during the hot summer, but also during other seasons to serve with most meals.

Taiwanese Bubble Tea

bubble-teaFinally comes my personal favorite tea. Taiwanese bubble tea is a combination of milk and tea, which originates in Taiwan in the early 1980s. The black bubble inside the tea is mainly made of starch. And the overall taste of bubble tea is sweet without bitterness.

In West Lafayette, there are some stores selling bubble tea, including KongFu Tea, Basil Thai, and Latea Bubble Tea Lounge. As a Chinese student who usually buy bubble tea, I strongly recommend Latea to you. There are lots of different kinds of bubble tea with different flavors. It is really worthy to go to the store and try a cup of bubble tea.

lateaMap it.


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