A “Star” in Lafayette

When saying “a ‘star’ in Lafayette”, what will you think of? For me, the Star City Coffee & Ale House will come to my mind. It is a combination of coffee house, restaurant and pub, which was opened in January 2013 and located in 210 Main Street, Lafayette.




According to Star City Coffee & Ale House’s official website, Star City’s name is derived from Lafayette’s nickname in the mid 1800’s as the “Star City of the West”.

Walking inside, it is not a very big and bright place. Instead, Star City Coffee & Ale House creates a quiet, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for customers. It is a really great place for people to do readings, meet with old friends, or date with significant others.


Looking at the wall, there are lots of decorations helping create the relaxing atmosphere, graffiti, posters, wooden shelves are included.

I did a short interview with one of the customers named Mary, she said she usually comes to this perfect place. When she has work to do, this place will help her engage in her work; when she doesn’t have work, she may choose a book from book shelf to spend a whole afternoon. She also mentioned that, “All of decorations on the wall can reflect that this coffee house has their own culture. If their walls are empty, I will feel boring.”

Since this was my first time to visit Star City & Ale House, I tried one of their black tea called Chinese Breakfast. One of the staffs told me the tea leaves they used were selected carefully. In addition, their coffee are direct trade coffee from specialty roasters across the United States. They are always proud of their coffee and tea’s good quality.


In addition to the coffee and tea. They also have a separated area for offering beer and wine. Furthermore, they are offering some food and desserts to accompany with drinks.

Now, if I ask you again what is the “star” in Lafayette, what would you say? Star City Coffee & Ale House in the Star City of the West will offer you a new place to enjoy the life.

More photos of Star City Coffee & Ale House

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