Community Coffee Company: 5.1 Million Cups of Coffee for US Military

According to Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, Community Coffee Company reached a new milestone in 2016. They shipped more than 5.1 million cups of Community coffee to active-duty military personnel through its Military Match program.

What Is Community Coffee?


According to Community Coffee Company’s official website, the great-grandfather of Matt Saurage, who is the fourth generation owner, discovered the secret of making special coffee in 1919. Then Saurage’s great-grandfather named it “Community Coffee” in order to appreciate for his community of friends and the customers he served.

Four generations later, their passion is never changed. “From the moment our beans are planted to the moment our coffee is served, we are inspired”, Community Coffee Company says. They still select, roast and perfect great-tasting blends for coffee lovers in the United States.

What Is Military Match Program?

Over a decade ago, Community Coffee Company started a program called Military Match program to support US troops. When customers placing orders of grounds and K-Cup pods, they will double the orders for free and send the extra coffee to men and women who are serving the US military abroad. “Then, they can enjoy the tast of home wherever they are”, Community Coffee Company says.

You can learn more about this program in this video: Community Coffee : Military Match Program.

What Is Their Current Achievements?

Like I have already talked about at the very beginning of this post, they have shipped 5.1 million cups of coffee to US military. In addition, Jodi Conachen, the spokersperson for Community Coffee Company, said, “We include personal, handwritten notes from our employees and customers in the Military Match gift box to show those who are serving our country that we are grateful for their service and sacrifice.” Now, more than 2.2 million men and women who are serving in the US military can enjoy the coffee from this program.


How Can You Participate?

Customers can order their favorite blends with a variety of sizes, formats and flavors in Community Coffee Company’s official website. In addition, they encourage ordering at least 30 business days ahead of desired arrival date for some overseas destinations.


Personally speaking, this program is awesome. Since American soldiers sacrifice a lot in order to protect their home, other citizens usually don’t have chance to say thanks to their heros. Through this program, people can use a more practical way to appreciate these soldiers. On the other hand, American soldiers can feel the warmth from home by drinking hometown coffee.

This Military Match program is still operating, join them soon and send your greetings to US military.



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