Meet Another World of Coffee: Latte Art

Around the 1980s, when latte art first took to popularity in the coffee houses around the world, only the upper echelon of barista could make art in their coffee drinks. Nowadays, it has become a hallmark of quality coffee houses in the world.

Latte art begins with two things: the espresso shot and perfectly steamed milk.ccc_milk_espresso

Then barista will pour steamed milk into the espresso shot, resulting in a pattern or design on the surface of latte.


Although it may look easy to make a latte art, barista needs to practice for many times in order to make a perfect one. In addition, they should also have creative brains to produce different and unique latte art in order to attract more customers.

Next, I will introduce to you some basic categories of latte art.

Free Pour Latte Art

Free pour latte art involves the pouring of milk straight from a jug into a cup of espresso. While the milk is flowing into the cup, a combination of wrist and hand movements are used to bend and shape the way the milk flows into the coffee. The results will be like the ones below:

Etching Latte Art

If free pour art requires technical skills, etching latte art requires true artistic talent. It is the practice of drawing on a coffee with a thin rod, such as a toothpick, in order to create images in the coffee.


Barista who skilled in etching can create anything from human faces to anime characters. Even any details of the portraits will not be ignored in etching latte art. Some represented art:

3D Latte Art

As the name implies, this kind of latte art has 3D effects instead of 2D. Here, I must introduce to you a Japanese latte artist, Kazuki Yamamoto. He is the person took coffee art to an impressive new level. When other latte artists around the world are creating flat images on foam, this 26-year-old specializes is building actual 3D foam sculptures. Here is a slideshow of Kazuki Yamamoto’s masterpieces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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