Do You Love Chinese Tea?

When I was preparing for this blog post, I found that there are so many types of Chinese tea. Since China is one of the origins of tea, each kind of tea has a long story. Today, I select six famous types of Chinese tea and give you a brief introduction about them.

Green Tea

Chinese green tea is the oldest and most popular type of tea; it has been enjoyed by Chinese for several thousand years. Green tea belongs to the category of unfermented tea, which goes through the pan-firing process right after the leaves have been plucked. This process enables the leaves to keep their original color and retain their naturally occurring antioxidants. According to recent research, green tea can help reduce the risk of cancer and slow down the aging process.

When drinking it, the fragrant taste of the tea will stand out with a little bit bitterness. Representatives include Biluochun from Jiangsu (left),Dragon Well (Longjing) from Zhejiang (middle), and Huangshan Maofeng from Anhui Province (right).

Black Tea

black tea

Black tea is the second largest category of Chinese tea, which is known as “red tea” in China. It belongs to the category of fully fermented tea. It is made from the new shoots of tea leaves, which are wilted, rolled, fermented, and dried. The resulting infusion yields a rich aromatic flavor.

Black tea will be more bitter than green tea. Younger generational prefer to add sugar or milk into black tea to make it have better taste. Representatives include Qimen Hong from Anhui, Dian Hong from Yunnan, Chuan Hong from Sichuan and Hu Hong from Hunan Province.

Oolong Tea

oolong tea

Oolong tea is a specialty from southeastern China, originating from provinces of Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan. It belongs to the category of partially fermented tea, and thus falls between green tea and black tea. Oolong tea is mainly controlled by the pan-firing procedure. The bright yellowish infusion has a fresh rich flavor and a long-lasting aromatic aftertaste.

Since it combines the characteristics of green tea and black tea, oolong tea has the both the fresh taste of green tea and the rich taste of black tea. Representatives are Tieguanyin from Fujian (right) and Donding oolong tea from Taiwan (left).

Check back tomorrow and I will update the last three types of Chinese tea.


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