Next week is Spring Break, I will go to Chicago to celebrate my 22 birthday with my friends. So I will not update my blog next week. But don’t be sad, I am going to introduce to you a movie so that you can watch it during the Spring Break.


  • Name: Caffeinated
  • Release Date: July 14th, 2015
  • Duration: 1hr 20min
  • Directors: Hanh Nguyen, Vishal Solanki
  • Writers: Hanh Nguyen, Vishal Solanki
  • Genre: Documentary

“Every cup of coffee has a story”, says the poster for this coffee movie called Caffeinated. Directors Hanh Nguyen and Vishal Solanki took more than four years to capture those stories and make them into a 80-minute-long documentary. In order to learn about coffee deeper and find more stories behind coffee, directors took more than 160 interviews with coffee professionals from all over the world, ranging from coffee farmers, roasters to machine manufacturers.

The movie begins with a profile on the natural history of the coffee plant. It traces its origins to East Africa and the eventual expansion of cultivation to India, Central and South America, Asia and other highland tropical regions. A film reviewer named Eric Monder said in Film Journal, “Nguyen and Solanki dutifully cover how diverse groups connect powerfully to the drink”. Indeed, this movie shows that coffee has been integral to so many different cultures. Directors expressd these integration through people and their stories.

As a coffee lover, I like this movie because it shows something that behind a cup of coffee. Directors use lots of real scenes to show how coffee plants are grown, how they are roasted, and how they are made for customers around the world. If you are a coffee lover, it will be worthy to watch it.

Here is a gallery for some plots of Caffeinated.

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