What is the Best Partner of Coffee?

What would you have when drinking coffee? A piece of bread, a salad, or a dessert? Different people may choose different food to make a best pair for their brunch or afternoon tea. Last Monday, I did a short interview with one of my classmates named Regina Kim, who comes from South Korea, about what she would choose when drinking coffee. Since she is a fan of desserts, she recommended the pair of coffee and dessert to me.

Regina thought Americano and cakes would be a perfect pair to her. “Especially for Americano coffee, which doesn’t have a lot of sweetness in it, so you need a sweet dessert to balance it”, said Regina. Since desserts have lots of categories, some of them are sweet, while others may not have lots of sugar in it, Regina recommended cakes with cream to me. She said cream cakes usually have more sweetness, which would be the best for Americano.

There are lots of cakes with cream in the dessert’s world. Here I recommend cupcakes for you because they are easily accessible in coffee houses.

I also asked Regina where she usually goes for these sweet desserts. And she recommended the Star City Cafe, which I introduced in one of my blog posts several days ago. Regina continued saying, “They have a really big cookie. It is almost like a muffin size but they sell as a cookie. It has really rich icing. I never tastes a great icing then they have because the icing is really sweet, so I thought it is not an icing, it is a whole another sugar on top of the cookie. And their coffee is always great”.

I think it is really smart for Star City cafe to sell sweet desserts and coffee together because the pair of desserts and coffee would balance the bitterness and sweetness. This is also the reason why Regina said Americano and cream cakes would be her first choice. Next time when you drink coffee, just try a cup of Americano and a cream cake such as a cupcake to feel the balance of your meal.


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