Meet Nine Lives Cat Cafe

If you are interested in my blog, I am sure that you are a coffee lover or tea lover. But are you also a cat lover? Do you want to drink coffee or tea while playing with lovely cats? Here is a good news to both coffee lovers and cat lovers, Nine Lives Cat Cafe comes to Indianapolis.

Nine Lives Cat Cafe is the first cat cafe in Indiana, which was opened on Jan.18, 2017. Here, you can interact with different kinds of cats, including active, timid, and quiet cats, while enjoying your coffee time. All of cats are from the Humane Society of Indianapolis, ranging from 1 years old to 13 years old. And these cats are adoptable for customers. In order to let customers have their favorite cats, the Human Society’s feline program manager Abigail Anders selected adaptable and friendly cats, which won’t be thrown off by the change in environment, to Nine Lives Cat Cafe.

In addition, Nine Lives’ staff have been trained by the Human Society to watch for signs of stress, injury or sickness. And some staff are always in the room with customers to help keep everyone safe.

As a coffee house, Nine Lives emphasizes local producers. According to a news report from Indystar, “Pastries come from Whisk Bakery  and Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe, while coffee comes from Brick House Coffee Roasters. Tea blends are from Nelson’s, including a custom blend featuring mint, blackberry, and catnip”. Some people may worry about cat hair in your coffee and tea drinks. In fact, the drinks are all prepared in a separated area. If you don’t care about these cat hairs, you can take your drinks into the cat room.

Since this cat cafe is really popular, I recommend you to make a reservation in their official website. And there will be $5 cover charge for an hour of time with the cats.

Location:1315 Shelby St#1, Indianapolis, IN 46203.


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