My Friend Made Me A Coffee

During the college life at Purdue, one of events that can make me feel excited is visiting my friends’ home and chatting with them while drinking a cup of coffee. Yesterday, one of my friends named Jo Bao invited me to visit her home. It has been a long time since last date with her due to the busy schoolwork.

She just bought a new espresso machine, which can make espresso and milk foam as quick as possible. Since she knows that I am a coffee lover, she made me a cup of coffee immediately after I came to her home. It is really convenient for people to put a cup of grounded coffee and a cup of clear water into the machine. After waiting for 5 minutes, a cup of espresso will be ready for drinking.

It doesn’t matter what we talked during the date, it is important to record the process of making coffee by my best friend and our friendship. Also for coffee lover, if you don’t want to go out for a cup of coffee during the winter, buying an espresso machine would be your best choice. You can make your custom coffee at home.


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