Let’s Meet A Special Ice Cream from China

Wuyutai Tea is a famous tea company in China, which was founded in 1887 in Anhui Province. Right now, it has more than 160 tea stores in China with the main business of selling tea and tea sets. Chinese, especially older generation, would like to buy tea as their daily drinks or gifts for friends.

However, the manager of Wuyutai Tea Company found that their sales of tea were decreasing. Since more and more young people would like to choose coffee, milk tea, or other beverage, fewer and fewer people would go to a traditional tea store to buy tea or tea sets.

In order to recover their sales situation and attract younger generation to buy their products, Wuyutai Tea Company invented a combination of green tea and ice cream. They firstly grounded the green tea, and mixed them with milk. Then they will make the combined “tea milk” into the cream. The new products not only have the taste of ice cream, but also the flavor of green tea. And they only sell these ice cream in Beijing.



This new tea ice cream successfully attracted a lot of younger customers in China. Many people from other cities or even foreign countries would set Wuyutai tea’s ice cream store as their “must go” place.


Unfortunately I didn’t find a similar ice cream store in Great Lafayette. But next time, if you plan to visit Beijing, and you are interested in this tea ice cream, Wuyutai tea store would be your best choice.


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