PSG Coffee Wednesday

When you don’t have time to have breakfast, would you hope that someone can give you free donuts and a cup of coffee? Purdue Student Government is holding a Coffee Wednesday event once a month.

PSG Coffee Wednesday is a monthly event, which is held in Krach Leadership Center, Purdue University. They will give students who pass by or study in Krach free donuts and coffee.

April 5th was their last time for the event this semester, I did a short interview with one of the organizers about why they hold this event. The audio below is his answer.

This PSG member also explained about why they held this event in Krach Leadership Center. Since their office is on the second floor of Krach, it is more convenient for them to set up a place for this event. In addition, lots of students will choose Krach as their study places or group meeting places. So Krach is a good place for PSG to meet more students.

Although April 5th is their last event this semester. They will continue to hold PSG Coffee Wednesday on September. If you are interested in Purdue Student Government or if you are interested in their free coffee and donuts, I recommend you to go pass by Krach Leadership Center when you go back to Purdue.


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