Celebrate Easter with Coffee

Today is Easter Sunday. What did you do to prepare for celebrating Easter? Let’s see what coffee lovers do for Easter.

Crack An Egg into Coffee

egg cafe

According to the restaurant critic Joy Summers’ lovely Easter essay, this combination of coffee and eggs is a Minnesota culinary tradition, invented by Scandinavian immigrants. Summers grew up drinking egg coffee prepared by her grandmother, whose method was beating an egg, mixing it into dry coffee grounds, boiling the mixture in  a stove-top coffee post, letting it steep, pouring into a cup of cold water, letting it settle, and serving. When describing the taste, Summer said, “the texture in the mouth was luscious, giving the coffee a round richness”.

This is my first time hearing about egg coffee. After I read Summers’ description, I made myself a cup of egg coffee. Although it was better than I imagined before, I couldn’t get used to this new and special taste. If you are curious about this taste, I recommend to make a cup of egg coffee to yourself.

Irish Cafe Serves Coffee inside Easter Eggs

There is a new trend for drinking coffee. Some barista pour coffee into the chocolate eggs. The new combination will be tasted like a chocolate coffee (similar with Mocha). After drinking it, you can also eat this “chocolate cup”.

Since most supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart, Payless, and Target, are selling Easter chocolate eggs around Greater Lafayette, you can simply pour your home-made coffee into these eggs. Then you can have your special Easter coffee by yourself.

Easter Coffee Mugs

Here comes the easiest way to celebrate Easter with coffee: buy some lovely Easter coffee mugs.

These lovely Easter mugs can help you decorate your home when celebrating Easter. Also, it is easy to get these mugs by going to Wal-Mart, Payless, Target and some other supermarkets in Greater Lafayette.

Hope you can have a great Easter weekend!


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