What to Read for Coffee & Tea?

If you are a extreme coffee or tea lover, you may want to read about what are happening about tea and coffee around the world. And you may want to know events that are related to them in your local community. Today, I am going to take you to explore where I am reading about coffee and tea news on the Internet.

tea&coffee trade journal logo

This website is called “Tea & Coffee Trade Journal”. According to their official website, “Tea & Coffee Trade Journal has been reporting on the global coffee and tea industries from origin through the supply chain – “seed to cup” – since it was founded by William H Ukers in 1901″. From May 2016, it is under new ownership, which is the UK-based Bell Publishing Ltd. “It has acquired both the magazine and Tea & Coffee World Cup exhibition, launching a brand new website, new weekly e-newsletter, a makeover for the magazine, more engagement in social media, and improved global circulation and distribution”, said by their official website. Personally speaking, their credibility about coffee and tea news are relatively high. So I’d like to read it when I want to know about coffee and tea.

It has several tabs on the top of the website, including “magazine”, “news”, “editor’s blog”, “features”, “events”, “advertise”, “subscribe” and “ukers”.


For me, I usually use the “news” and “events” tabs. Since I can’t travel to everywhere, I would like to read about news around the world in order to see what are happening about coffee and tea. Sometimes I may find a new product on the website, then I would do more searches about whether I can get it in my local community. Sometimes, editors may follow a big event, such as the UK Coffee Week. I can feel the atmosphere from their reports. news

From the “events” tab, I can have a exact time schedule, specific locations of events, and corresponding websites. Through these websites’ links, I can get more information about interesting events in order to arrange my own schedule.


This is one of my favorite websites about coffee and tea. Hope you can have fun when exploring Tea & Coffee Trade Journal.


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