Journey Ends

The Spring 2017 semester is ending and it’s time to say goodbye for msmiley blog and all my blog readers. It is a really good experience to keep updating my blog every week. And I feel surprised that I can find so many interesting things about coffee and tea. This journey is a great learning experience about coffee and tea for both you and me.

I am graduating from Purdue University very soon and I am going to go to Boston University to study Public Relations. For those of you who are graduating from Purdue, I hope you can get a lot and achieve a lot from these four college years. For those of you who are continuing to study at Purdue, I hope you can cherish the last time and enjoy your college life.

Although my blog will not be updated, my love for coffee and tea will not be ended. If you would like to share some interesting facts about coffee and tea, please contact me via “contact” tab.

Please continue to love coffee and tea because it is such a wonderful drink in your and my life.

i love coffee