A Wonderful Combination of Cats and Cafe

Do you remember one of my previous blog post named Meet Nine Lives Cat Cafe? When I was writing that post, I just did some researches about Nine Lives Cat Cafe instead of visiting the place in person. But this time, I spent a sunny afternoon for visiting Nine Lives Cat Cafe and feeling the special atmosphere of cats and cafe. For me, a cat lover and a coffee lover, this new style lets me feel enjoyable and relaxed.

After I went inside the cat cafe, I quickly checked in with the staff because I wanted to see these lovely cats as soon as possible. Their cats were in a separate room. And everyone would use the sanitizer to clean hands before they went into the cat room. Then, I found that there were 5 to 6 different kinds of cats playing with customers, relaxing in their small beds, or eating. I began to take pictures of how they lived in this special home and how they interacted with customers. The staff who was responsible for taking care of cats and customers’ safety also talked about adoptions when I was in the cat room.

Everyone could only stay in the cat room for one hour. After one hour, you could choose to stay in the table area or leave. When you sit outside the cat room, you could also watch them through the glass wall. I did a short interview with the manager of Nine Lives Cat Cafe after I went outside the cat room. She talked about more details about this cafe, including where the cats came from, information about coffee and bakery, and their general future plans.

In addition, I did another interview with one of my friends named Linyao, who went to this cat cafe with me. During the interview, she talked about how staying with cats bring her happiness.

In order to record this experience, I made a slideshow for this short visit. You can see pictures of cats and cafe environment from my slideshow. And you can also find more information from what the manager, staff, and Linyao said during the slideshow.


Explore Kung Fu Tea on Saturday Night

“Unrivaled quality, utmost attention to detail and unquestionable authenticity, that is the Kung Fu Tea culture.”                  – Kung Fu Tea Founders (Michael, Ray, Allen, Sean)

Kung Fu Tea was founded in 2009. Now, it is one of the famous tea houses in the United States. It mainly serves Taiwanese bubble tea, fruit tea, and some Taiwanese snack food. In order to create a relaxing atmosphere, each branch owner decorates their stores carefully. They also offer free Wi-Fi, chess, toy bricks and other table games for customers to spend the wonderful time with their romantic partners or friends.

Feeling tired of going to bars or having no idea of where to go on Saturday night? I believe Kung Fu Tea would be a great place for you and your friends to visit.

Today, let me take you to explore one of the branches of Kung Fu Tea in West Lafayette.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I bet you will have a plan to visit Kung Fu Tea after you saw my slideshow. Here is some information about location and working hours for you.



Location: 135 S Chauncey Ave, West Lafayette, IN

Hours: Sun. – Wed.: 11 AM to 11 PM

Thurs. – Sat.: 11 AM to 12 PM



I am starting to look forward to visiting Kung Fu Tea next time, what about you?